Kanye West Claims “Jewish People” Gave Hitler His “Bad Reputation”


Kanye West continued to defend Hitler, seemingly questioning the Holocaust in a new interview with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes.

Kanye West has gone on another rant about Jewish people in his latest interview with a controversial political figure, claiming Hitler’s reputation for “murdering Jews” was inaccurate and “made by Jewish people.” 

The DONDA creator linked with podcaster and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes for an interview two days after his infamous Infowars appearance where he professed his love for Hitler and the Nazis.  

According to Southern Poverty Law Centre, Ye’s newest host insists his group of self-described “Western chauvinists” are not a racist movement despite their “anti-white guilt” agenda. The SPLC has designated McInnes’s Proud Boys an extremist hate group. They claim the group “regularly spout white nationalist memes and maintain affiliations with known extremists.” 

In a teaser clip ahead of the interview, due to be released later today (Dec. 6), Gavin McInnes announced his new series with Kanye West, titled “Saving Ye.” The show aims, as stated by the host, “to prevent Ye West from becoming an antisemite or a Nazi.” 

In the bombshell snippet, Kanye West discusses the controversy surrounding his recent remarks about Hitler. When McInnes suggested his statements could negatively impact his stab at the election in 2024, Kanye disagreed.  

“It’s awesome for a presidential campaign to have someone that’s honest,” Ye stated. He added he “understands the state of the world,” and is “ready to listen to what the American people need.” 

Kanye West On Hitler

However, McInnes doubled down, noting that Hitler had a “pretty bad reputation,” before Kanye fired back, “Well who made that reputation? That was made by Jewish people.” 

After McInnes pointed out the dictator got his reputation for “murdering Jews,” Kanye again countered his argument. “Some of it’s incorrect,” Ye stated. “Also, The Holocaust is not the only holocaust,” adding “abortion,” which he referred to as “eugenics,” and “genocide,” is “the holocaust that were dealing with right now.” 

In another clip, Nick Fuentes and Gavin McInnes laughed while Kanye admitted his prejudice towards Jewish people. Check it out below and watch the interview trailer here.