Kanye West Clarifies Viral Kim Kardashian “Diarrhea” IG Post 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West claimed the Instagram post going viral on social media concerning Kim Kardashian’s toilet habits is fake.

Kanye West returned to Instagram this month with posts firing shots at Adidas, GAP, Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson alongside his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. 

However, according to Ye, he is not responsible for one viral post concerning the reality TV mogul’s bowel movements. He shared the post on Instagram on Sunday (Sept. 5), clarifying he did not write the fake post.  

“This was not from me,” Kanye West penned in the caption. “Someone copied my style of text and wrote something not funny.” 

He then took another swipe at Pete Davidson. “I like to post comments cause y’all n##### is hilarious. I love funny people and I think that’s one of the reasons me and Skete could’ve never been friends.” The “Eazy” creator added, “I like to fight with jokes. Sometimes we gotta laugh to keep from crying even when we dealing with serious topics. S### be the funniest when it’s true.” 

He also listed his favorite comedians, including “King David Dave Chapelle,” before making another dig at a Universal employee’s style.  

Kanye West Uses Tom Brady To Shade Pete Davidson

Kanye West also shaded Pete Davidson on Saturday via his Instagram posts, but this time also dragged Tom Brady into the fray. Yeezy shared a screenshot of the Buccaneers quarterback showing love to venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz in the comments section of one of the rapper’s posts.  

“Tom Brady in the comments it’s up,” Kanye wrote. “He must hate Skete tooooo Leave him aloooooone.” 

Ye then mocked the comedian, imitating Pete talking to two of his children with Kim Kardashian. ”Hi North I’m Skete Look at my Tattooooos I’m a pawn sent here to antagonize your dad in hopes that he’ll do something illegal so we can take him out of your life. Hi Saint Look at my tattoo I tatted your name on my body.” 

He continued with another shot at the Day ‘n’ Nite” rapper. “I also have a Kid Cudi tattoo but nobody knows who he is,” Kanye went on. “I was like He worked at the Bape store selling Daniel Cherry hats to tourist.” 

Check out his posts below.  

Instagram Kanye West

Instagram Kanye West