Latest Kanye West Rant Make Sensational Claims About Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner

Kanye West continues onward…in a most bizarre way.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West, in a wild night of tweeting, charged that his wife and mother-in-law have made moves to have him institutionalized. 

The rapper made the claim on social media and coupled it with a request that Kim Kardashian and mother, Kris Jenner, to contact him. The allegations stem from another recent bizarre moment at a “campaign” event where the billionaire seemed to be mentally unstable. 

“Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughters life yesterday,” West said on Twitter. “Kriss don’t play with me you and that calmye are not allowed around my children Ya’ll tried to lock me up…Kim tried to bring a doctor to lock me up with a doctor,” he wrote. “If I get locked up like Mandela Ya’ll will know why.”

He continually asked for them to contact him in some tweets that were deleted.

“Kriss and Kim call me now,” he wrote. Another tweet he shared a screenshot of a text to his mother-in-law.  “This Ye you ready to talk now or are still avoiding my calls,” he said in the screenshot.

West called out others in his rant. “Anna Wintour always showed me love but when I told her I was going to GAP she looked at me like I was crazy Then she called back kissing my ass,” he said about the Vogue editor-in-chief. He also said that actor Shia LaBeouf stood him up for a photoshoot for the Yeezy/ Gap collaboration. Neither party has responded at press time