Kanye West Could Shake Up Presidential Race In Kentucky

Kanye West has landed on the ballot in Kentucky!

There are 36 days until the United States presidential election, and believe or not, Kanye West is still in the game. 

After only announcing his candidacy on Twitter while the nation was celebrating its Independence, the “Through the Wire” rapper threw his hat into a contentious race — hoping to do what President Donald Trump did in 2016.

Many have doubted him, but win after win, West still is swimming strong. 

Another victory that the born-again Christian can boast is being included on the 2020 Presidential election ballot in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams has recently confirmed this on a local media outlet, WLKY.  Kanye’s name will appear on the ballot, both sample, and mail-in ballots.

This was not an easy process. 

Secretary Adams worked diligently to determine whether or not the G.O.O.D. Music founder was eligible, looking over 19,000 petition signatures before making his decision.

It has been reported that he also qualifies for the following states: Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Tennessee and Utah.

Ohio, Montana, West Virginia, Wisconsin and other states did not see him fit to appear on the ballot. The rap star has filed lawsuits to contest some of those decisions.

Either way, Kanye West will not receive enough electoral votes to win, but many fear he could help President Trump’s election bid.