Kanye Tried To Bring Old Chicago Home To Soldier Field Listening Session

Kanye West and Donda West

Kanye was trying to a uproot the real house he grew up in Chicago, and move it to Soldier Field – but his permit was denied!

Kanye West wanted to transport his entire childhood home to his last Donda listening party.

The “Stronger” rapper commissioned a replica of his boyhood house to be built inside Chicago’s Soldier Field stadium for the third and final preview event for his new album last Thursday (August 26th) but he reportedly only did so after local officials blocked his original plan.

Kanye had made an application to the city’s Building Department, but it was turned down due to logistical issues.

A department representative told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper: “Moving a home in Chicago is a very technical process that requires structural engineer reports and multiple city permits.

“The request to move the house at 7815 S. South Shore Dr. was denied last week because no permit application had been received to excavate and move the vacant property which is also in Demolition Court.”

The house – which Kanye lived in until he was 20 and re-purchased last year for around $225,000 – has been empty and boarded up for several years, but it is unclear how it was put in demolition court.

The replica home used at the event was the focal point for the show and was placed in the middle of the field. At one point, it was continuously circled by trucks, while dancers dressed in SWAT gear performed their moves around it.

To end the show, Kanye set himself on fire and seemingly re-enacted his wedding vows with estranged wife Kim Kardashian, from whom he split earlier this year.