Kanye West Disses Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Choices

Kanye West Kim Kardashian

Kanye West continues to rage against everything, and this time he didn’t even spare his wife or her outfit at Fashion Week!

Despite receiving harsh critique on his fashion choices during his recent fashion show in Europe, Kanye West has no problem blasting others and definitely holds nothing back when it comes down to what his ex-wife Kim Kardashian likes to wear.

On a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” Kim talks about a time when Kanye sent her a scathing text about her gear, according to Page Six.

She had just attended the Milan Fashion Week and when the pictures came out, Kanye messaged that he didn’t like that she paired white Prada sunglasses with an all-black latex outfit and that she wore an all-orange, shiny, faux leather oversized jumpsuit.

Ye, who once did an entire wardrobe makeover for his Kim K, told everyone he made her into a fashionista and said he wanted to “quit everything and dedicate his life” to dressing her, texted her, “The orange look made me so mad, would’ve went to jail before I went out in that.”

After sharing the text with her team, he said during the show’s confessional, “While we’re here in Milan, Kanye has the kids at home, and he can’t help himself. We can laugh about things we like or don’t like. No matter how crazy things are sometimes, we’re always going to be family.”

She then said, “I’ll text him back and be like, ‘You know, you have been wearing those boots for a long time, so when you’re ready to change your outfit, let me know and then you can have advice on mine.’”

She might be right. His most recent choices have not only been controversial in the message but not the flyest.