Kanye West Doxes Drake By Releasing The Rap Star’s Address

Kanye West and Drake

Did Drake’s recent diss really push Ye over the edge, causing him to violate the Canadian????

Son … this was not in God’s Plan!

Early Monday morning, Kanye West doxed Drake’s address … but will the billionaire face trouble with Twitter for committing the social media crime?

Yes, the two have been throwing shots, but it seems that Kanye is a little more invested in the beef, and unraveling before our eyes. As reported by AllHipHop.com, Drake released “Betrayal” with Trippie Redd, shaking the internet with a taunt that implied that Yeezy’s Donda has not come out because he is concerned about his Certified Lover Boy and Nas’ King’s Disease II.

The Chicago native took to his social media and posted a screenshot showing the “In My Feelings” rapper’s Toronto home address (house number and street name).  Most likely because an advisor swiftly got in his ear and told him that he could get his Instagram snatched for posting the personal information, he removed it.

But not before others captured it.

“Kanye West just DOXED Drake’s Address! #DramaAlert”

What is doxing?

According to SocialMediaLawBulletin.com, “Doxing is the publishing of private or identifying information about a person or organization without their consent. Doxers often post names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card details, and any other sensitive information that can be used to target their victim. Doxing is often done with malicious intent. The common reasons for doxing an online user are for retribution, coercion, or embarrassment. Doxing can have serious consequences. The extent of the legal ramifications of doxing will likely be case-specific.”

Because Kanye did not obtain this information about Drake’s home, it is not illegal via hacking. But it could constitute some level of harassment, intimidation, invasion of privacy, and stalking.

If Drake wanted to be petty, he could make something out of this.