Kanye West Fan Creates 2-Hour "Yeezus Concert" Movie (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) If you missed out on the chance to see Kanye West’s epic “Yeezus Tour” or if you want to simply relive the event, a Yeezy fan has spliced together footage from numerous tour dates for YouTube film of the concert.

John Colandra (aka jediswag on the kanyetothe forum) spent seven months putting the movie together, and the result is a 2-hour visual recap of Kanye and opener Kendrick Lamar’s performances during the trek.

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Colandra wrote on website:

Compiling footage from almost every stop on the Yeezus tour to make one cohesive film. Using professional and guerrilla style footage. The film flows beautifully and not a single major aspect of the Yeezus tour goes unnoticed. Detail was crucial and over seven months of work went into this project.

Ye is planing to release an official “Yeezus Tour” concert movie directed by Hype Williams. He unveiled a trailer for the project in February.

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Watch  John Colandra’s YEEZUS FILM below.