Kanye West Fires His Third Divorce Lawyer A Day Before Court Hearing

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Is the producer pulling a hail mary to save his marriage?

Rapper Kanye West has fired another divorce lawyer, despite his hearing to determine whether or not Kim Kardashian-West can consider herself single coming up on Wednesday, Mar. 2.

According to TMZ, Yeezy terminated Chris Melcher, the last attorney working on his behalf to save his marriage. The sources say that the chart-topper did was having problems with the lawyer for some time and that he and his legal beagle had stopped communicating well.

Rumors now say that he is looking to work with Samantha Spector, the lawyer who represented Nicole Young when she divorced Dr. Dre last year.  Kim’s lawyer is Laura Wasser, the same person that represented Dr. Dre’s interest during the 2021 divorce.

If the speculation is true, Spector and Wasser will be rematched and this will be Kanye’s 4th attorney.

Fans know that the producer has been ripping through lawyers because of a statement that his now-wife posted on her Instagram.

“Hopefully he can finally respond to the third attorney he has had in the last year to resolve any issues amicably,” she wrote.

The remark was in tangent with her responding to his outlandish outburst on social media about her parenting. AllHipHop.com reported that Kim is tired of her husband’s antics and just wants to be free.

Court documents say that tomorrow’s hearing may be a virtual event. Kardashian-West has already confirmed that she will not be in person and most people believe that neither will Ye. The lawyers will duke it out.