Kanye West Gets Banned By Stephen Colbert During Recent Funny Monologue

Kanye West

Late night host makes a joke about Kanye’s current woes.

Another famous celebrity is distancing themselves from Kanye West after his controversial statements about Jewish People.

Stephen Colbert has banned West, whose legal name is Ye, making his announcement during his Thursday, Oct. 27 night episode’s monologue.

The late-night talk show host said, “I have a big announcement to make. After much thought and soul-searching, I, Stephen Colbert, am banning Kanye West from the Ed Sullivan Theater. I have to. Line in the sand.”

In a joking manner, he added, his “jurisdiction extends into the northern half of Times Square … coming north of Bubba Gump Shrimp.”

Colbert continued by saying, “Stay out of Times Square.”

In his skit, he said, “I have no excuses for why I didn’t do this before except perhaps that he has never been on the show, we had no plans for him to be on the show, we have never asked him to be on the show and I am not sure he is aware that I have a show.”

“I had to do it now because I was afraid, he would just show up at any moment,” the comedian continued.

While this was a joke, probably mocking the pile-on of people distancing themselves from the artist and his vile comments, the multi-Grammy Award-winner has been seriously dissed by others and it has cost him a pretty penny.

A number of brands and partners like GAP, Adidas, Vogue, Balenciaga, and more have all stepped away.

His net worth has dropped substantially too. In July, he was worth $6.6 billion and as of this week, he is worth $400 million and is being sued by a litany of people looking to knock that number down significantly also.

Do you think Colbert was serious?