Kanye West Calls On A Higher Power To Restore His Family

Kanye West

Kanye West has turned to the God that has led him out of the darkness before to help him restore his family.

Since his presidential run, which was a catalyst for the decline of his marriage, Kanye West has been spiraling with outbursts against his wife, her family, the nannies, the bodyguards, the new boyfriend, and social media.

Kanye has taken to Instagram to express his frustrations, airing out the family business and later retracting his rants.

Now, Kanye has turned to the God who led him out of the darkness before — and landed him at the top of the charts for at least three albums.

The billionaire producer and troubled star took to Instagram, again, to ask the Lord for direction. His heartfelt please read, “GOD, PLEASE BRING OUR FAMILY BACK TOGETHER.”

In addition to the prayer, he also posted six images of his wife and four children during happier times.


The artist did not say what brought on this plea, especially since things seemed to be looking up.

Over the weekend, the artist was afforded precious time with his children.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, the rapper was pictured escorting three of his children on Sunday to Jason Lee’s “The Future Brunch,” a gathering that preceded his officiating over his own Sunday Service.

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