Kanye West Is Fed Up With Paparazzi; Says He’s Treated Like “Caged Animal”

Kanye West - Ye

Kanye West vented about constantly facing the paparazzi in a conversation with a freelancer filming him in California.

Kanye West confronted a member of the paparazzi who was filming him in West Hollywood, California.

Ye asked the paparazzo to stop filming before detailing his frustration with the situation. Kanye West ended up talking to the freelance photographer for several minutes.

“Bro, just stop,” he said. “Y’all paparazzi, you understand? Stop. Just stop … It’s like antagonistic. You got the shot … You don’t even know. Y’all just jump up on people like this.”

Kanye West continued, “Do you know the first time I ever took medication, why it was? ‘Cause I got mad at paparazzi. Do you know what paparazzi it was? The same one that shot Britney [Spears]. My dad did photography for newspapers. It has to be some kind of balance, some kind of conversation. I can’t live in California in my life like I’m some type of caged animal to be judged and photographed.”

The controversial rapper argued with the freelancer about how the paparazzi operate. Ye believed celebrities deserved a percentage of money earned from candid photos and videos.

Kanye West said he needed to find out “all the information of how it works” so he can avoid the paparazzi. The paparazzo repeatedly apologized but tried to defend his job.

Watch Kanye West’s interaction with the paparazzo below.