Kanye West Reportedly Working On A New Album

Kanye West

Apparently, Kanye West has been in the studio and working on a batch of new material.

Rap star Kanye West is hard at work on new music.

The 44-year-old rapper has been in a recording studio in Honolulu, Hawaii working on new material. While it’s not exactly clear what Kanye is working on, the news of his studio activity was confirmed during a wild deposition in a lawsuit with a company called MyChannel.

AllHipHop broke the news that Kanye West went berserk on MyChannel’s lawyers during a truncated deposition over a $20 million lawsuit with the company.

MyChannel’s legal action claims Kanye broke a contract with them and stole their technology to sell his Sunday Service merchandise.

During a virtual deposition last week, Kanye West cussed out MyChannel’s attorney and put on a Jesus mask, while refusing to answer any questions.

EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West Flips Out During Court-Ordered Deposition And Puts On Jesus Mask

In court filings obtained by AllHipHop MyChannel’s lawyer Ben J. Meiselas claimed he thought Kanye was in California for the deposition, but he was actually in Hawaii.

“Plaintiff’s counsel later learned that West was not in California at all but was in Hawaii with an entourage of unmasked employees and collaborators recording an album,” Meiselas complained to the judge.

The possible news of new music from Kanye will be joyful noise Kanye’s fans.

If it’s true, the music will be Kanye’s first batch of original material since the release of his Grammy Award winning album Jesus Is King in October of 2019.

Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir also released an album in December of 2019 titled Jesus Is Born which snagged a Dove Award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album.

As for the MyChannel lawsuit, the company’s lawyers are hoping to sanction Kanye to the tune of $63,000, and have him sit in front of a judge for the next deposition.