Kanye West Reveals How He Feels About Drake; Talks Their Beef, Kim K & A Potential “Verzuz”

Drake Kanye West

Kanye spoke about his beef with Drake, the effect of the beef on his mental health, and addressed the rumors about Drake and wife Kim.

Kanye West sat down with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN for an episode of “Drink Champs” where he discussed numerous topics. During the nearly two-and-a-half-hour interview, Ye revealed extensive details about his relationship with Drake. He spoke about the diss tracks, subliminal shots, and whether Drake and Kim had an intimate relationship.

Kanye discussed his long-standing feud with Drake in-depth and compared it to playing in the NBA. “People are either on your team or not,” he said, though he has no hard feelings towards Drake. He gave him credit for selling “more records that anybody” and said Drake simply plays the game differently.

Kanye Talks Tactics

According to Kanye, those “different” tactics include moving “five blocks down the street from you” and sending DMs to ” every single girl in and around your family.” He likened Drake’s strategy to stealth combat and said, “Drake don’t’ do a diss like an outright diss song where it’s a head shot. He’s gonna’ set it up like war.”

“This is the first time we’re in a place of professional rap,” Ye continued. He suggested Drake disses him in songs in ways only he can recognize. “If he throws out a bar right here, it might be a bar only, like Pac say, ‘you and I know what’s going on.’ But it’s all psychological. It’s like what button is someone is going to hit.”


He came up with an on-the-spot analogy of the situation and compared Drake’s subliminal shots to Evander Holyfield’s hidden underhanded tactics used against Mike Tyson in their infamous bout. “I bit his ear but they ain’t see what Holyfield was doing.”

Kanye discussed being driven by competition and said the purpose of multiple “DONDA” listening sessions was to put pressure on the rest of the field, “We wanna make it hurt,” he said. “That’s what competition is. We made everybody push their summer back. Drake pushed back those release dates. That’s a fact, that actually happened.”

“I Love Drake”

Despite years of bad blood between the pair, Kanye is still a fan of Drake. “I love Drake,” he said. “Let’s have Drake have his spot of what he meant in my life specifically and what he’s meant to rap over the last decade specifically.”
The Chicago native also revealed, “I be wanting to sit down with Drake to day this just as an OG.” He talked about the music they make lacking “redemptive qualities.” Referring to the diss tracks back and forth between them he said, “We put on a façade and act like we ready to die.” He said that as men of God they need to find a way to reach redemption.

Ultimately, Kanye remains unconcerned about things ever getting too far. He said there are “Too many people that get paid off of either of us for something to happen to either of us.”

Kanye On “Sicko Mode”

Ye also claimed he put Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Travis Scott and Drake in a group chat at the height of the tension between them and told them he is “worth more than all of you in this group text combined.”

He spoke about the effect Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” had on his mental health claiming he called it ‘A flagrant foul” in the aforementioned group chat. He added, “I would have to bring my kids to a party where they threatening my life on a song. And then they wonder why you end up in the hospital.”

Ye Talks Drake and Kim Kardashian

Kanye raised the subject of the rumored romance between Drake and his wife, Kim, and called her, “My Wife, because she’s still my wife. It ain’t no paperwork.”

The fashion mogul claimed he confronted Drake directly. “I had this conversation where Drake is like “I never f##### Kim.’” However, Kanye responded “But you acted like you did. You got bars that’s like ‘Hidden Hills give your wife the chills,’” referring to Drake’s verse on DJ Khaled’s “Greece” which many thought was Drake implying he had something going on with Kim. He continued, “It’s like somebody throwing a marble and hiding they hand.”

Then, Kanye disclosed he also had the conversation with Kim. Ye claims she is no longer a Drake fan after the Canadian rapper suggested they had an intimate relationship. “Kim be like, ‘I don’t listen to this n#### no more. This n#### acting like he f#####.’”

Will We Ever See A Kanye vs. Drake “Verzuz?”

Early on in the conversation, N.O.R.E asked Ye if he had been watching Timbaland and Swizz Beat’s “Verzuz” series. He asked the question everyone was waiting on; would Kanye take on Drake in a Verzuz? Ye said he would and went further, saying that he would beat Drake:

“I’m winning every situation,” he said as the room erupted in customary “Drink Champs” applause.

When N.O.R.E doubled back to make absolutely clear Kanye would agree to a battle with Drake, Ye was unequivocal. “Yea, absolutely,” he said. “But it already happened, he played one of my leaked songs and it was better than every other song this year.”

N.O.R.E then asked Kanye about “leaking” Drake’s address which he says he didn’t do. He discovered the address the same way anybody else could, via Google Maps, apparently.

Kanye also discussed his efforts in the fight for Larry Hoover’s freedom and hopes bringing Drake on board will go some way to achieving that redemption he spoke of.

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