Kanye West Says He’s Worth $5 Billion On Joe Rogan Podcast

Kanye West campaign ad

Kanye gave Joe Rogan an expansive interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he touched on everything from the US elections, to his bipolar disease.

Kanye West’s demand to appear on the top-rated podcast The Joe Rogan Experience was fulfilled after a false start due to the coronavirus.

Kanye believes the talk will score him extra votes in next month’s U.S. general election. The rapper, who is running for President, tweeted host and comedian Joe Rogan to ask to appear on the long-running audio series, which boasts huge ratings.

His initial debut was postponed over concerns over COVID-19 after Rogan’s producer “Young” Jamie Vernon was stricken with the disease. After the delay, the “Gold Digger” hitmaker’s special podcast episode debuted on October 23rd.

During the sit-down, Kanye said his quest to become the President came to him as he was taking a shower.

Kanye also addressed his war with the music business, why he prefers not to take his bi-polar medicine, and his net worth, which he said was around $5 billion.

Kanye is facing off against incumbent leader Donald Trump and former American Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on November 3rd.