Kanye West Staffers Talk About His Love “Skinheads” and “Nazis”


A new report says that Kanye West is extremely influenced by a bunch of Skinheads and that he is an awful boss/person to work with!

A new report says that Kanye West is a beast to work with and has been influenced by “Skinheads” and “Nazis.”

In an interview released on Wednesday, November 9th, former staffers, told Rolling Stone that the hate groups “were his greatest inspiration” and that the clothes he designed for his September fashion show in Paris (hoods, snoods, and face-covering masks) were based on their movements.

The worker said the producer-turned-designer was an “HR nightmare,” especially when he told them that he wanted to project the image “We Are N—erish.”

These are not rumors. He actually spewed his love for Hitler in a business meeting. Documents show he had to pay a settlement to a former worker for doting over the German leader in their presence, NY Post states.

The staffer said the skinhead/Nazi conversation was at first taken to be “a point of inspiration,” but “the minute he turns it around, uses it, [and] puts himself in a position of making money off of it, I feel like he does something to it — he takes ownership over it.”

This was seen when he tried to hock the “White Lives Matter” shirts, a venture deaded because he didn’t own the trademark.

“It was like, ‘What the f###?’” one staffer said. “A lot of us were very uncomfortable with it.”

Outside of the hate speech, Ye was setting it off on people left and right, even on one person for playing Drake’s music.

“Everyone’s always on the verge of losing their job, so the dynamics are total chaos,” one person said.

Another added, “How he is on social media is exactly how he’s like with employees.”