Kanye West Sued For Welching On $10 Million Marketing Bill For Presidential Campaign

Kanye West

Kanye West may be a billionaire, but he is allegedly pinching pennies when it comes to paying a bill related to his Presidential campaign bill!

Just when you thought that we had heard the last about Kanye West’s failed 2020 presidential campaign, his campaign is back in the news.

Earlier this week, a firm out of Austin, Texas called SeedX Inc. filed a lawsuit against “Kanye 2020” for breach of contract, after their campaign allegedly failed to pay them millions of dollars.

This company is a digital marketing agency (lead by two of its partners) that threw its resources behind the candidate after being approached by Lincoln Strategy Group in June of 2020 a lawsuit suggests.

SeedX alleges that for a three-month period the company was hired to engage a global community “identifying trends and issues in the industry the company was in, communicating on all relevant channels and media, creating and managing shareable content, developing target advertising campaigns, increasing engagement, etc.”

SeedX Inc has tried to get the bill, which amounts to almost $10 million, several times with no resolution. Now SeedX is asking for $2 million to and will simply cut their losses.

Wait … Ye is a billionaire right now … he needs to stop fronting.