Kanye West Suing Clout Chasing Intern For $1 Million Over Social Media Posts

Kanye West

The Chicago rapper/designer is bringing the hammer down on a former intern for his company, who breached an NDA by posting pictures on the net. 

Kanye West – Mr. “I Will Out You In A Hot Second – is suing his former intern for running his mouth to the public. 

And the irony of it all is that he might actually have been a case since the student signed an NDA that prohibited him from sharing any personal information about the Def Jam artist’s business.

Ryan Inwards interned with Yeezy from February 2020 until the Summer of 2020. He drew the wrath of Yeezus by posting some private photos of his boss to Instagram. 

Probably a mild floss on social media— something that you know the “Jesus Walks” rapper would have never done— but it may cost Inwards something to the tune of at least a half of a million.

The NDA that the man signed included a $500,000 liquidated damages provision. But on top of that, the new Christian convert is asking for “punitive damages,” because he asserts that Inwards acted “maliciously.” 

His lawyers apparently sent the intern multiple cease and desist letters after he “publicly post[ed] Unauthorized Materials on social media sites.” 

And so, now he is piling on the first $500,000 by asking for another $500,000 for breach contract and conversion.

Ironically, Kanye is also being sued by a black-owned tech company for allegedly breaching a non-disclosure agreement and stealing technology so he could hawk his “Sunday Service” merchandise across the internet.