Kanye West Takes Wyoming Ranch Off The Market

Kanye West

Despite making expanding the compound, it seems no one made a bid on the home.

It seems that multi-hyphenate Kanye West will not be selling his Wyoming home after all.

Reports are not showing the producer and native Chicagoan took the $11 million ranch off the market earlier in the summer.

According to the NY Post, Yeezy purchased the 3,888-acre compound in 2019, the first of two ranches he has in the state. The property is known as Monster Lake and was originally bought for $8 million. West owns three of the eight parcels on Monster Lake ranch.

On the parcels, Kanye has eight luxury cabins, set up to accommodate 20 guests, a saloon, a restaurant, and meeting spaces. He recently constructed two new luxury cabins on the shoreline.

The parcel, called No. 7, consists of 640 acres and may be used for farming or hunting purposes. After the rapper put his Midas touch on the estate, creating a mystique throughout all the entertainment industry by recording hundreds of songs (some we may never hear), he increased its value.

The other property is 6,700 acres and ran him about $14.5 million and is located an estimated 50 miles away from Monster Lake.

In 2020, he boasted about his love for real estate, and attributed it to his personal maturation, tweeting “We have to evolve … Buy property … Buy land.”

He also noted he uses government money to do so.


Many are wondering why did he take it off the market? Reportedly, no one wanted to buy it.