Kanye West Tells Jews To Forgive Hitler; Wants To “Update” The Constitution

Kanye West - Ye

Kanye West continued to vocalize his antisemitism and conspiracy theories in an interview with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes.

Kanye West appeared on another right-wing extremist’s platform to spout his antisemitic views and fondness for Adolf Hitler.

The controversial rapper sat down for an interview with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. Kanye West continued to share his bizarre and offensive opinions, including his belief that Jewish people should forgive Adolf Hitler.

“Jewish people can’t tell me who I can love and who I can’t love,” ‘Ye said. “You can’t say, you can’t force your pain on everyone else. Jewish people, forgive Hitler today. Let it go.”

Less than a week ago, Kanye West declared he “liked Hitler” during an appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ show InfoWars. Ye also said he “loved Nazis.”

Kanye West’s conversation with Gavin McInnes featured numerous antisemitic comments, more gripes about pornography and wild conspiracy theories. ‘Ye spoke about his presidential campaign, suggesting Candace Owens as a good running mate. But he complained about her being “controlled” by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

Near the end of the interview, ‘Ye shared his ideas for reshaping America. He claimed to be in the process of updating the U.S. Constitution.

“This is a Christian country and the rules of the country will be based on the Bible,” he said. “We’re going to realign—we’re gonna align the Constitution with the Bible. And update it. And we’re in the process of doing that right now.”

View the interview below. Kanye West’s remarks about the Constitution and forgiving Hitler begin around the 42-minute mark.