Kanye West Thinks The Future Will Be Similar To ‘Star Wars’

Kanye West

“The world will be a lot more like all the ideas that George Lucas channeled in Star Wars,” Kanye West said on a podcast.

Kanye West credited George Lucas for having a vision of the future.

The 45-year-old rapper claimed the world will become more like Star Wars in an interview with the Alo Mind Full Podcast. Kanye West mentioned the popular franchise while discussing robotics.

“I can have a tendency to be paranoid of robots, but it’s the way that we have to exist,” he said. “Star Wars is my college. I spent way more hours in Star Wars than I spent in college.”

Kanye West thought of Star Wars after seeing robots working in a factory. He believes the future will be similar to what George Lucas imagined.

“When I see the way those robots are working in the factory, I walk through that space and know that in the same way we have a position of influence now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now, we’ll have a position and influence,” ‘Ye said. “And some of the people that are very influential now will still be influential then. But the world will be a lot more like all the ideas that George Lucas channeled in Star Wars. He was channeling. Like, how do you invent Pixar? That’s a lesser-known thing that George Lucas went and put people together to invent Pixar.”

Kanye West’s Star Wars talk may seem silly, but North American companies ordered record numbers of robots in 2021. As noted by Robotics Tomorrow, robots will only become more commonplace as companies seek to speed up production and handle workforce shortages.

Check out Kanye West’s entire interview below.