Kanye West Threatens Justin Bieber While Doubling Down On White Lives Matter T-Shirt

Kanye West

Kanye West’s social media war continues and this time he took aim at Justin Bieber and John Legend. Read more.

Kanye West has ranted about Justin Bieber and John Legend in his latest social media tirade.

Earlier this week, the “Stronger” rapper hit headlines when he wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt to his Yeezy fashion show in Paris, and the following day, he sparked controversy again when he publicly criticized fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

Kanye returned to Instagram to call out celebrities, including Justin’s wife Hailey Bieber, who spoke out about his behavior.

“I wanna just let everybody know there was also some fashion this week also,” he wrote. “There was a major thing called Fashion Week which really last a month and there were some very well done crazy overpriced clothes being shown..

Kanye Threatens Justin Bieber

“Beuase you’re all f**king programmed sheep. Aaaaaaaaand those boots Gab was wearing were f###### traaaaaaaaaaash (sic),” the 45-year-old continued, referring to the Timberland boots Gabriella wore to a fashion week show. “But I’m sure John Legend still wants a pair. And Justin get your girl before I get mad.”

In addition, Kanye posted a screenshot of an article about Hailey calling him out over his treatment of Gabriella and added: “Wait Am I canceled again??? Justin please let me know.”

He also attempted to justify his White Lives Matter T-shirt by calling it “paradigm shifting.”

White Lives Matter is a white supremacist phrase that originated as a racist response to the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement.

“Just kidding. My tee s### on everybody’s showssss. Nothing happened but my T-shirt. To the Arnaults that hire anybody that worked for me, remember my one T-shirt took allllll the attention,” he added, lashing out at Louis Vuitton executive Bernard Arnault.