Kanye West To Challenge President Trump And Joe Biden In Virginia

Rap star Kanye West is gaining momentum with his bid to become the next President of the United States of America.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper-turned-fashion-designer-turned-politician Kanye West may not be on the ballot in Wisconsin and Ohio, but his name will be on deck in Virginia.

According to the Virginia Mercury, Yeezy has met the qualifications to appear in the contest against the Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The Virginia Election officials shared the good news on Friday, August 28 — confirming that all 5,000 petition signatures have been verified.


While Virginia’s governing bodies have accepted the signatures, an independent report from New York Magazine, seven out of thirteen people inside of the state believed they were duped into Hancock-ing in their support.

The media outlet said that they were “either unaware that they signed up to cast electoral votes on his behalf, or that they had signed notarized paperwork connected to the rapper’s presidential bid at all.”

Many have speculated that Kanye’s run was to toy with the votes in key swing states. His meetings with Jarrett Kushner does not help with the suspicions.