Kanye’s Construction Company Shuts Down As $57M Mansion Rots By The Ocean

Kanye West

The house was never painted and is currently bare without windows.

It’s been almost a year since Kanye West lost his massive deal with The Gap which triggered a domino effect of disastrous financial fallout for the star.

After dropping from a net worth of $6 billion, the multi-hyphenate found himself in trouble with many of his non-fashion endeavors and was forced to halt production on some of his real estate projects.

AllHipHop.com reported in November 2022 that Ye had to stop construction on his Malibu, CA property after money started to dry up.

Yeezy had purchased the $57 million Malibu home and had it gutted out so that he could customize it to suit his taste. But after losing his Adidas deal, the rapper just decided the beach house was not a priority in his portfolio.

Now sources tell The U.S. Sun, the mansion is in ruin and is rusting away.

The outlet has obtained pictures of the house, which looks like a grey concrete box. It currently has no windows. In 2021, after it was purchased Kanye’s construction company, Yeezy Construction Inc., sized the place for new windows but never returned to the project after 2022.

It also has not been painted, leaving both the inside and outside bare to its foundation.

No word on if Kanye is looking to save the home or just leave it abandoned.