Kash Doll Addresses Fan Accusing Her Of “D**k Riding” Cardi B

Kash Doll Cardi B

A conversation about homemade hair products took a turbulent turn.

At one point, it appeared Kash Doll and Cardi B were not on good terms. However, the former exotic dancers-turned-recording artists had a very cordial conversation on social media this week that apparently bothered some people.

Cardi B once again went viral online after showcasing her hair growth journey. While her initial tweet collected over 220,000 likes on Twitter, the conversation about the self-described Afro-Latina’s homemade hair oil devolved into a debate about ethnicity.

“This is me as a child… this is me as a teenager… this is me in my early 20’s… and NOW,” posted Cardi B in response to the backlash from some users. “Everyone wants to blame my hair growing on genetics but where was the genetics when I was in school?? 😂.”

Cardi continued, “The facts are you need hair products and good care that works for you to maintain it and keep it healthy… sometimes it’s not even just about growth it’s about keeping it HEALTHY and the growth comes.” She also uploaded four photos of herself at different points in her life.

Kash Doll saw Cardi B’s posts about her hair. The BMF cast member chimed in on the discussion by showing support for the Invasion of Privacy album creator. The Detroit-bred rapper/actress wrote, “Give me the f##### products lol f### them.”

That message from Kash Doll led to another Twitter user to reply, “[You] stay dick riding with [your] none no-hit-records ass.” In response, Kash stated, “Damn sis, I just want my hair to grow back long that fast… my bad.”

Even if a certain sector of Twitter took issue with Kash Doll being supportive, Cardi B reciprocated the positivity. The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker invited Kash to her home for the special hair treatment and a meal.

“Girl come to my house… I will wash your hair down myself [with] boiled onion water & make you a thick-ass hair mask and have my auntie do your blowout… Maaa liquor and food too!!!,” Cardi B told Kash Doll.