Kash Doll Robbed Of $500,000 Worth Of Jewelry In Los Angeles

Kash Doll Just learned a valuable lesson – lock your doors or you’re going to pay for it at some point.

Rapper Kash Doll is out of a fortune in jewelry after making a costly mistake in Los Angeles.

The rapper claims she left $500,000 worth of jewelry inside of her unlocked car, which ended up being burglarized.

Kash Doll said she was on set shooting a music video in the San Fernando valley when the incident took place. For some reason, the incredibly valuable hall was sitting inside of her car, along with a $50,000 Louis Vuitton box.

The caper was relatively easy to pull off – because Kash Doll forgot to lock her door, according to TMZ.

So far, the cops have no suspects and it’s unclear if her insurance policy – if she has any – will cover the theft.

Over the last year, Los Angeles has seen a massive spike in car break-ins. The thieves usually target rental cars or vehicles with out-of-state license plates.

However, unlike Kash Doll’s situation, most of the time the thieves smash the windows of their targeted vehicles to gain access.

In January, the cops busted a burglary crew from San Francisco and they claimed were responsible for the rise in car break-ins and warned that other gang members were stepping up to take their place.

For months, the cops have been warning tourists and residents to be aware of their surroundings and to lock their car doors.