Kathy Griffin Believes Kanye West Abuses His Wife

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The comedian says she has a gut feeling, based on how her brother was, that Kanye is doing something to control his wife.

Comedian Kathy Griffin believes Kanye West is physically and psychologically abusing his wife Bianca Censori because her gut likens him to her abusive brother.

She took to TikTok on Thursday, September 21, to share her theory.


Trigger warning! I discuss possible abuse in this video. I can’t help it. I worry. I don’t even know this woman but I still worry. #KathyGriffin

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“This is going to be bad. I actually think that he may be physically abusing her and at the very least 100% I think he’s psychologically abusing her,” she said. “Now let me tell you why… I’ve talked about my dead brother Ken on this app, who was a physically abusive man toward actually his wife and his girlfriend (both told me).”

Adding, “One time his wife told me about a time that he had physically abused her when she was out of the shower he locked her outside their apartment and she was totally naked because he wanted to humiliate her in that way.”

The red-head woman, who earns her living off of clowning others, said she knows her statements are going to get her in trouble with the “bros,” but she still needed to share her feelings— hoping it could help Censori, who she believes is being forced by Ye to wear revealing clothing that shows off her “banging body.”

“We’ve all seen those photos of Kanye and his new wife Bianca Censori, right?” she asked. “I see those photos when she is in those pantyhose and like not even a bandeau top, it’s really all about being see-through.”

Twisting her face in concern or horror, the 62-year-old talks about the young woman not having a voice, saying, “We have not heard a peep out of her.”

“I’ve heard that she has a master’s degree in architecture from a university in Australia, she’s gorgeous and she seems to have no voice whatsoever,” she said.

She also mentioned the recent incident, covered by AllHipHop.com, where the two were caught having “sexy time” on a taxi boat in Venice in public.

“When they were in Italy and he had her drop to her knees and give him a ‘service’ and we saw his bare butt — knowing there were paparazzi photographers all the way around and people with just phone cameras — that to me just reeks of abuse,” she said, adding, “Like ‘get on your knees and do this now on a freaking water taxi.’”

Griffin did say that she didn’t know that woman at all, but is concerned.