Kehlani Disappointed Over Family’s Carefree Reaction To Her Coming Out As A Lesbian


Kehlani couldn’t believe how easy her family to the news after she finally revealed she was a lesbian.

Kehlani is a little upset no one in her family was shocked when she came out as a lesbian.

The singer confirmed she’s lesbian in a TikTok video she posted on Thursday (April 2nd) after a snippet of an Instagram Live, in which she opened up about her sexuality, went viral.

“You know the video?” she said. “Well, it’s fuckking true. I am gay, g-gay, gay, gay…”

But the star admitted she would have liked members of her family to have been more surprised when she came out to them. 

“When I want to have a heart to heart with my family, and be like, ‘I finally know that I’m gay’, they’re like, ‘We know, duh… stupid’, I just feel like, ‘No…, I want you (to) fall on the floor and (say), ‘Congratulations, we had no idea! S####!

“Everyone’s just like, ‘Duh, you’re the only one who didn’t fuckking know. The f###### closet was glass,” she said. “So I guess I just wanted y’all to know that everyone knew but me.”