Kehlani Talks Receiving Backlash Over PartyNextDoor/Kyrie Irving Controversy (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Earlier this year, Kehlani reportedly attempted to take her own life after facing significant backlash online over rumors she cheated on her one-time boyfriend Kyrie Irving with PartyNextDoor.

Kehlani laid low from the public for months following the incident, but the singer recently returned to the spotlight by sitting down with The Cruz Show.

“I’m strong enough – thank God – to be able to talk about it in a positive way. And only push forward in an inspirational way and not dragging it on or a victimizing type situation, because I wasn’t a victim. I’m never a victim. I refuse to be a victim,” said Kehlani.

She added, “I think it was a combination of things. I think, one, the response was insane. Two, I think people forgot I was a 21-year-old going through the biggest heartbreak of my life.”

The “Crzy” performer acknowledged she is still dealing with emotional issues on a day-by-day basis.

Kehlani also declared facing the PartyNextDoor/Kyrie Irving situation in front of the world made her tougher.

“It’s not too much that can hurt me now,” stated the Oakland native.