Kelis Explains How Her Kids Begged Her To Go On “The Masked Singer U.K.”

Nas kid Knight and his other siblings begged their mom Kelis to go on “The Masked Singer” and things worked out well for the artist.

(AllHipHop News) Kelis signed up to “The Masked Singer U.K.” after her children begged her to go on the show.

The star was unveiled as the vocalist dressed as a Daisy on Saturday’s edition of the hit celebrity singing contest, with judge Rita Ora correctly guessing her identity.

Asked by British morning show host “Lorraine Kelly” why she agreed to appear, Kelis revealed her sons Knight, 10, and Shepherd, four, had nagged her until she agreed.

“They are like, ‘It’s the best thing ever. You should absolutely do this!'” Kelis shared.

Speaking about what it was like performing in her outfit, the star said it was “awkward” and, “hot,” but not as strange as keeping her identity secret from fellow contestants and the public.

“You are not even supposed to see anyone,” the “Milkshake” hitmaker added. “The weirdest thing is being there and not having contact with anyone at all. You have shirts on that say ‘don’t speak to me’. And you’re not allowed to talk to anybody.

“You have no idea what’s going on. That’s the most bizarre part of the whole thing about being there and being quiet.”

However, the star found it quite easy to keep her appearance from friends and family – as they are used to her being away on tour.

“That wasn’t the hard part as we are used to being on tour and most people don’t have a clue where we are at,” the 40-year-old revealed. “Most of my friends at least know, ‘She’s gone, oh she’ll be back’. So it wasn’t too hard.”

ITV bosses were also forced to apologize over Saturday’s episode of the show after panelist Jonathan Ross suggested the artist beneath the daisy mask could be Natalie Cole – who died, aged 65, in 2015.