Kelis’s Husband, Mike Mora, Passes Away From Cancer

R.I.P to the photographer and father.

The family of singer-songwriter Kelis received some tragic news this week. According to reports, Kelis’s husband, Mike Mora, has died at the age of 37.

Mike Mora passed away from stage 4 stomach cancer. The photographer shared his diagnosis with the world last year. Kelis’s management confirmed Mora’s death.

“Sadly, it’s true that Mike Mora has passed away. We would ask all to respect Kelis and her family’s privacy as of right now. Thank you,” Red Light Management’s Steve Satterhwaite told Entertainment Tonight.

Kelis and Mike Mora exchanged vows in 2014. The couple had a six-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter. Kelis also has a 12-year-old son with Hip Hop artist Nas.

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Mike Mora Chronicled His Battle With Cancer

In Septermber 2021, Mora wrote on Instagram:

I am posting this…after so much thought. Many hours thinking of what the right thing to do is. Not because of a selfish reason .not because I want people to feel bad or sorry for me and my family. I am posting this because life is full of the most unexpected situations. I never thought this could happen to me. At just 36, with 3 kiddos, and a wife that loves me. I want to be able to help those that might be experiencing something like this- a life altering disease full of questions and doubt- maybe, hopefully. By showing that it’s possible to make it through. You always see people post about how life is too short. How you should reach out to those you love no matter where life has taken you. It is the truth. Don’t take your time here, your time with friends, family, for granted. S### can be over just like that!

This was the first of many, many more iv’s and needles to be pricked on my arm…

The story will continue..
Love you @kelis

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A few weeks later, Mora added:

So the morning of my last UCLA hospital stay, doctors came in my room and gave me the most horrifying, unexpected news. I did not understand the language written on this paper. All I knew from the look in their faces was that it wasn’t a good diagnosis. It was the worst diagnosis. And they were scared for me. I asked how they were going to help me. They said they couldn’t do anything else for me. I had to search on my for some sort of solution.. Scary days.

The story will continue.
Love you @kelis

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