Kendrick Lamar Surprises Youth Workshop, Freestyles And Raps With The Kids


(AllHipHop News)  It’s been a whirlwind the past several years for Kendrick Lamar. He met President Obama, went RIAA Platinum two times and won 7 Grammy’s – all in a three-year span.

But it hasn’t stopped there, Kendrick has focused on giving back to his community in various ways, never forgetting where he came from.

Not only is Kendrick contributing to lives in his hometown of Compton and getting the key to his city, but Kendrick is making a difference inspiring lives across the globe.

Take a look at a recent Reebok Classic event as Reebok Classic partnered with Brighter Sounds and the Wonder Inn to host a Hip Hop Workshop for 46 young musicians in Manchester, UK.

Without any notice to the kids, Kendrick Lamar unexpectedly surprised the session of 46 young musicians who were ” left speechless” as Kendrick began rapping and flowing with the kids.

All the musicians gathered in an impromptu cypher captured below on video.

“Obviously for Reebok to make this happen is incredible – we were able to offer such an amazing experience for the participants, but for Kendrick Lamar to take the time out to come down is beyond words. We could see how much it meant to the group – it’s enough to inspire young people for a lifetime, and it’ll be remembered by every young person here,” Brighter Sound Director, Debra King said 

While this wasn’t part of his mentorship program, recently Kendrick encouraged his community and communities across the country to join in mentoring the youth via Obama’s #MyBrothersKeeper mentoring program.

Find out more about that here. and #MBK #MYBROTHERSKEEPER