Kevin Gates Admits To Drinking His Partner’s Urine

The ‘Khaza’ album creator insists her p*ss had no taste.

Kevin Gates has gone viral once again for sharing intimate information about his sex life. The 36-year-old rapper shocked some people by admitting one act that involved urine.

Gates appeared on a Fancy Talk Show episode that was published on YouTube on January 7. It took a few days for a clip from the show to spread across the internet, but it has now gained significant attention.

“I love for a woman to p### in my mouth. That’s beautiful,” Gates said. The Khaza album creator also confessed, “I done had a woman pee in a cup while we were driving and I drunk it.”

Gates went on to explain, “I was so infatuated with this woman to where it was just nothing about her that was nasty. And then she’s super clean. She’s like me. She drinks nothing but water all day, so her p### ain’t got no taste.”

Kevin Gates has also been honest about performing analingus on his sexual partners. Previously, his “eating booty” admission was met with some backlash and ridicule. That moment from nine years ago introdcued Gates to some people.

“Yeah, I eat booty. Real n##### eat booty. Real n##### please their b######,” Kevin Gates said at the time. “I thought I was gonna be bashed for it, but they’re were some many brothers that were like in support of that.”

Gates’s sex stories made headlines, but the Southerner initially found success as a recording artist. The Islah studio LP dropped in 2016. The RIAA certified that album as 2x-Platinum. I’m Him arrived in 2019, followed by Khaza three years later.

Last year also saw Gates go viral online for his “D U Down” dance. In addition, the Baton Rouge-bred entertainer appeared on a July episode of TBS’s Dynamite wrestling show where he got into a scripted confrontation with AEW wrestler Tony Nese.