Kevin Hart Returns With Season 8 Of ‘Cold As Balls’

Cold as Ball Kevin Hart

Watch the trailer featuring upcoming guests for the sports talk show.

New installments of Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls kicked off this week. Fifteen-time NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett joined the head of the Hartbeat media company for the first show of Season 8.

Upcoming episodes of Cold As Balls will also include appearances by Mookie Betts, Khalil Mack, Bianca Belair, Deebo Samuel, Scotty James, Julian Edelman, Chiney Ogwumike, and Logan Paul.

“It has been amazing to see the overwhelming love for Cold as Balls over the past seven seasons,” states Kevin Hart. The sports talk show, which features athletes answering questions while submerged in ice water, premiered in 2018.

Hart also adds, “I am looking forward to diving in with a whole new set of sports figures to bring our audiences more laughs, more perspective, and maybe even some tears for what is sure to be one of our best seasons yet.”

Since its launch on LOL Network’s YouTube channel, Cold as Balls has amassed over 1 billion views on the platform. Professional boxing legend Floyd Mayweather racked up over 22 million views for his 2019 episode.

“Creating such a long-standing hit and fan favorite in Cold As Balls with Kevin over the past seven seasons has been an incredible experience,” says Michael D. Ratner, Cold As Balls creator and OBB Media Founder/CEO.

Ratner continues, “After each season we come together to figure out how we can keep upping the ante and keep it fresh; it’s been so rewarding to see the show’s audience continue to grow into billions of views. This show represents the evolution of media and we’re so excited to share season eight with the world alongside Hartbeat and Old Spice.”

New episodes of Kevin Hart’s Cold as Balls will air every Tuesday on the Laugh Out Loud Network YouTube channel.