Kevin Hart Talks Beanie Sigel / Meek Mill Beef, His New Movie And Philly


(AllHipHop News) Kevin Hart has a new movie coming out tonight, but AllHipHop had to ask the world’s highest grossing comedian about a somewhat trivial rap beef between his fellow Philadelphia natives.

Kevin Hart talked candidly to us about the friction between Beanie Sigel and Meek Mill, which climaxed with the elder artist being assaulted at a concert.

“I’m from Philadelphia. I know them both. I don’t love to see things like that happening. At the end of the day, they’re grown. Those men will handle that.We’ll be back to moving as a unit soon,” Kevin stated. “This is a minor bump. I know that both of my guys are smart and they are very much capable of making strong, firm right decisions that can represent the city of Philadelphia in a positive light. Because they have shined a great light on our city so I don’t even want to see that go backwards.”

Kevin Hart’s new movie, “What’s Now” drops tonight and the comedian hopes people enjoy it. But what about the money? That’s not the focus of the Philly-bred entertainer

“We don’t do anything to not do better that we did before. The goal is to exceed expectations. The goal is to make history. The goal is to break records. The goal is to shine and break records for my generation,” Kevin told AllHipHop. “Right now, that’s what I’m doing. I’m a hard worker. I put blood, sweat and tears into my craft and I expect great things in return.”

Simply, he wants his fanbase to give back what he has put into the dedication he has exemplified in

Check out the trailer for “What Now.”