Key Glock Recalls Signing With Young Dolph “Out Of The Blue”

Key Glock

Key Glock continues to carry the torch of Paper Route EMPIRE after Young Dolph was shot and killed in 2021.

The late Young Dolph didn’t make Key Glock jump through any hoops to sign with Paper Route EMPIRE.

Key Glock revealed the simple process of getting signed by Young Dolph in an interview with Esquire. The Memphis-bred rapper said the deal came about due to his family connection.

“It really just happened out of the blue,” he explained. “It wasn’t even a plan. I got into some trouble. I got incarcerated. And then close to the time for me to come home, my auntie was married to Young Dolph’s uncle. She told him, ‘You know, Key doing his thing… He just reached out to me and it went from there.”

Key Glock appreciated the freedom he enjoys at Paper Route EMPIRE. He followed in the footsteps of Young Dolph, who stayed committed to being independent.

“They always let me do me, let me be me,” Key Glock noted. “No matter what it was. Music or just everything in life. I go by my rules. You know, I don’t mean to disrespect anybody. It’s just how I move. Play by my own rules.”

Key Glock released his new album Glockoma 2 via Paper Route EMPIRE on Friday (February 24).

Stream Glockoma 2 below.