WATCH: Keyshia Cole Tells People To Stop Joking On Ashanti Over COVID-19 Diagnosis

Keyshia Cole and Ashanti (2)

Keyshia Cole hopped on an IG live to tell everyone to chill after her battle with Ashanti was canceled over COVI9-19!

Keyshia Cole joined Ashanti on IG Live to discuss their highly anticipated Verzuz battle, which is supposed to take place at 8:00 PM tonight (December 12th.)

The battle between two of R&B’s most beloved singers had to be canceled after Ashanti revealed she had contracted COVID-19 at the last minute, forcing her to cancel her trip to Los Angeles to face-off against Keyshia in person.

“I was ready man to get in there with you but your health is more important than that, you know saying,” Keyshia Cole said. “We’re gonna do it again. Come back to the top of the year, we gonna make it happen.”

According to Ashanti, she contracted COVID after she hugged an infected family member, inside of her own house.

“It came from a family member that I gave a hug to in my house, where you think is supposed to be safe,” Ashanti said during her IG live. “This just shows that it’s real. We just lost, Tiny [Tommy Lister] you know “Deebo” from ‘Friday,’ rest in peace,” Ashanti said. “This s### is real. I’m about to be Uber eating for a whole two weeks.”

Angry fans hopped on Instagram where they were bashing Ashanti until she brought Keyshia Cole in, who told everyone to take the pandemic serious and to cut the jokes.

“I don’t really think that people should be down talking about real health pandemic. And it’s a scare that’s going on,” Keyshia Cole said. “We’re just gonna bring it right back. We’re gonna do it for the ladies, [just] how to fellas just did it last week, we are going to do it for the ladies and we’re gonna make it a good time. We’re gonna make it a moment.”

Thankfully, the battle already has a new date.

Ashanti and Keyshia Cole will face-off on January 9th, since Ashanti is planning to be quarantined for the next few weeks.