Keyshia Cole Suffers Tragedy After Mom Dies Of Drug Overdose On Birthday

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole’s family is grieving over the death of the R&B singer’s by biological mom Frankie, who died from a drug overdose.

Keyshia Cole family is experiencing an unthinkable tragedy after the death of her mother.

According to reports, the R&B singer’s mom Frankie Lons overdosed on Sunday (July 18). Tragically, Frankie was celebrating her 61st birthday when she overdosed on drugs.

Frankie’s battle with addiction was well documented through a variety of reality shows including her daughter’s#### show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,” as well as the series “Keyshia Cole: My New Life.”

In 2009, rumors spread that Frankie had died, although the gossip at the time blamed her death on an automobile accident. The rumor spread so fast that Imani Entertainment was forced to release a statement denying the reports.

Frankie also had her own spin-off series, “Frankie & Neffe,” which focused on her recovery journey along with her other daughter, Neffeteria Pugh.

Cole had a tumultuous relationship with Frankie, who was her birth mother, but they seems to have mended their relationship in recent years.

Frankie gave Keyshia up for adoption at the age of two, and she was raised by family friends Leon and Yvonne Cole.

Keyshia Cole did not confirm her father’s identity until 2016, after a test confirmed Virgil Hunter as her dad, well after she had established herself as a famous singer in the music business.