Kid Cudi Pushes Back “Insano” Album Release Date—But Still Hooks Up His Fans

Kid Cudi

The award-winning entertainer says he’s a “perfectionist.”

Some fans of Kid Cudi expressed disappointment that the rapper will not release his next body of work before 2024. His followers will now have to wait until next year for a new studio LP.

On Monday (September 4), Kid Cudi made the announcement about the delay of the upcoming Insano album. The Cleveland-raised performer took to social media to explain the decision.

“Hey, fam!! Got some updates for y’all. Some bad news, some good,” a statement by Cudi posted on the social media platform read. “I have to push INSANO back til January. I want to make sure that everything lines up and I give y’all the best version of myself.”

He continued, “This album is amazing and I want to make sure I present it in the best way for y’all. That’s the bad news. I still plan on releasing the next single soon so don’t even worry about that.”

Kid Cudi attempted an instant make-good with his supporters. He also wrote, “The good news is, since I’m doin this and I know you are all [fiending] to get a listen of the album, I’m releasing 2 new jams from INSANO [tonight] on SoundCloud.”

The rapper/actor dropped two tracks titled “Ill What I Bleed” and “Most Ain’t Dennis” on Monday night. He previously presented the single “Porsche Topless” earlier this year.

Kid Cudi’s Insano will follow 2022’s Entergalactic, which served as accompaniment to the animated television special of the same name. Mescudi closed his post by writing, “I’m sorry for the delay every day but I’m a perfectionist. And things gotta be right. I love y’all!!! Enjoy!”