Kid Cudi Calls For Ceasefire In Gaza: “As A Black Man, I Stand Against All Forms Of Oppression”

Kid Cudi/Apple Music

The rapper/actor condemns anti-Semitism and the occupation of Gaza.

Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi is the latest celebrity to share his thoughts on the ongoing war taking place in the Middle East. The Insano album creator posted a message on social media. about the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“The things I’ve been seeing in the news have been breaking my heart. I can’t watch what’s happening in the world and remain silent. I can’t imagine the pain people are feeling,” Kid Cudi wrote.

He also added, “I know some people are gonna disagree with me, but that’s ok. As a Black man, I stand against all forms of oppression. And as an artist, I feel responsible to give a voice to the unheard, and to celebrate the spirit of all people through my work and my presence.”

Kid Cudi went on to condemn anti-Semitism and violence against Jewish people. The 39-year-old musician/actor also denounced the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

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“My prayers also go out to the hostages and their families, may they be returned safely. In the same breath, the collective punishment Palestinians are suffering under Israel’s illegal occupation is unfathomable,” Cudi stated.

He concluded, “I stand with the people of Palestine as they demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and an end to the ongoing genocide. My heart goes out to all my brothers and sisters of all faiths and backgrounds who are suffering. Free Palestine!! With Love, Scott.”

A number of celebrities recently signed an open letter also calling for a ceasefire to stop the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza which has reportedly led to over 10,000 deaths on both sides. Jewish-Canadian superstar Drake signed onto the Artists 4 Ceasefire letter after facing some backlash for not speaking out sooner.