Kid Cudi States “I Am The Most Hated Man In Hip-Hop” 

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi believes nobody gets more hate in Hip-Hop than he does, but he’s not going to let that stop him from fulfilling his destiny,

Kid Cudi believes he is not getting the love he deserves from the Hip-Hop community. 

Just a day after entertaining a reported 1800 people on Saturday (Sept. 17) at his Moon Landing Festival in his hometown of Cleveland, the “Day ‘n’ Nite” rapper took to Twitter to share his woes. 

“I am the most hated man in hip hop right now it seems,” Kid Cudi declared on Sunday evening. ‘But I’m really one of the most blessed!! 😭” he added. 

While Cudi thinks he’s “the most hated,” he doesn’t care what others think of him.  

“God is so so good. Every and all the time,” Kid Cudi continued. “Remember yall, Scott here to remind you dont give a f### about what anyone says about you. F### em. No matter what anybody tries to do, they cant stop your shine and they cant stop your destiny from being fulfilled. ☺️ I am proof. Watch me yall. Big bro will show u.” 

Cudi also plans to write a memoir, giving fans “the full story.” Check out his posts below.

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Kanye West Ends His Feud With Kid Cudi

Earlier this year, Kid Cudi famously fell out with his long-time friend and frequent collaborator Kanye West. Cudi claimed he would never make music with Ye again after the “Eazy” rapper cut him from Donda 2 over his friendship with Pete Davidson.  

“It’s gonna take a m############ miracle for me and that man to be friends again. I don’t see it happening,” Kid Cudi declared during an interview with Esquire. “He gon’ have to become a monk.” 

However, Kanye appears to have softened his stance following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. He took to Instagram to publicly end his beef with Cudi, and a few others he had been feuding with.  

“Life is precious,” wrote Ye. “Releasing all grudges today. Leaning into the light. He then extended his best wishes and blessings to Kid Cudi alongside Pete Davidson and Adidas executive Daniel Cherry.  

No word from Kid Cudi yet on whether he accepts the olive branch extended by Kanye West.