Kid Rock Feels Social Media’s Wrath After Flip-Flopping On Bud Light

Comments called him a hypocrite for drinking a beer after blasting them earlier in the year.

The Alt-Right is attacking Kid Rock for seeming to flip-flop on boycotting Anheuser-Busch for partnering with Dylan Mulvaney, a popular transgender woman on TikTok.

According to TMZ, the recording artist was spotted drinking Bud Light while attending the Colt Ford show at the Skydeck concert venue in Tennessee.

The uproar comes after he said “Grandpa is feeling a little frisky today. Let me tell you as clear and concise as possible. F*** Bud Light and f*** Anheuser-Busch” in a video a few months ago because they aligned themselves with an LGBTQIA influencer in a recent campaign, where her face was placed on cans of the beer.

Now, the trolls and critics are after him, calling him a fraud and mocking him for contradicting himself.

“LOL,” one Twitter (X) user wrote. “Last night Kid Rock was pictured drinking a Bud Light at a concert after he led an effort to cancel the company. It wasn’t long ago he shot up a case of Bud Light with an AR-15.”

MSNBC‘s Mehdi Hasan mocked, “First, he doesn’t just vow to boycott Bud Light, he shoots a case of it on camera with an AR-15. Then, not only does he go back to immediately drinking Bud Light again but he does it in public and gets caught. Can’t make this stuff up.”

Ultra-Conservative Nick Adams, who calls himself the Alpha Male, wrote a message to the masses making light of the whole controversy.

“I have been made aware of the social media posts circulating that show Kid Rock (allegedly) enjoying a can of Bud Light,” he wrote. “I take this allegation seriously and am in close contact with sources on the ground.

“I am currently conducting a thorough investigation, evaluating confidential photo and video evidence, and interviewing eye witnesses. Kid Rock is an American icon and a patriot. He will be considered innocent until proven guilty. I have complete and total faith that we will unover (sic) the truth.”