Killer Mike Addresses Reports Rudy Giuliani Might Replace Jeff Sessions As Attorney General


(AllHipHop News) News out of Washington, D.C. is that the President is considering replacing his current Attorney General Jeff Sessions with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The “palace intrigue” taking place at the White House could have real life implications on policies that affect every American.

Hip Hop artist and political activist Killer Mike was questioned about the possibility Donald Trump may give Sessions the boot in order to put Giuliani in the A.G. position.

“I hope not, but Jeff is pretty bad too,” responded Mike.

The Run The Jewels member added, “At least Giuliani has had to deal with other cultures, and at least he’ll be open… I don’t think either one of them are better than the other because both of them support [the] Drug War which is a racist thing. But Sessions scares the sh-t out of me.”

Killer Mike was one of the most high-profile supporters of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primaries, but he is now focusing his attention on local elections like the mayoral race in his hometown.

At the moment, Mike is backing Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort for Atlanta mayor.