Killer Mike Announces Live Q&A Conversation With Bernie Sanders

Will the United States government pass a COVID-19 stimulus bill before the holiday break?

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Senator Bernie Sanders may have lost the 2020 Democratic primary to President-Elect Joe Biden, but the progressive movement that the Independent politician helped launch is still very influential. A President Biden will need Sanders and his supporters in order to pass legislation through Congress.

Before Biden even takes office, Sanders is displaying his ability to get national attention on certain legislation like the COVID-19 relief package that has been stalled for months. He recently teamed with Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri in order to try to force a vote on a second round of stimulus checks for Americans.

Sanders will likely talk about the state of the stimulus deal when he speaks with Michael “Killer Mike” Render today (December 14). Yesterday, Killer Mike tweeted, “Going live with the OG @berniesanders tomorrow at 8 PM est tomorrow on IG, drop yo questions in my mentions and we’ll try to get to em!”

This is not the first time the Run The Jewels member and the Vermont senator connected for a conversation about politics and policies. Render and Sanders took part in the “Talking Shop With Bernie Sanders” series in 2019 as well as Rolling Stone’s Fridays for Unity prior to Election Day 2020.