Killer Mike Releases Previews Of Barber Shop Conversation With Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Killer Mike officially endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for president during a highly publicized event last month. The Run The Jewels member also sat down with the Democratic candidate for a one-on-one conversation.

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Mike uploaded snippets of the discussion with Sanders to his Instagram page. The short clips include the self-described socialist talking about social security, marijuana prohibition, Republican candidate Donald Trump, gun control, and dynastic political families. The full video is expected to drop sometime today (December 15).

“Later today check out Sen. Sanders and myself conversing!” wrote Mike in one of the captions.

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Watch Killer Mike’s Instagram videos featuring Bernie Sanders below.

Ask your self the question he is asking! Really shut up with your "opinions" and think about the old folks who have made an impact in your life and ask your self why is there a faction in American politics that want do this. Where is the empathy we all shud have for others. We can figure these problems out without making poor people the enemy. Sheeeeiiiit U prolly poor too lol! Love and Respect to All. #CantWaitForYallToHearTheOldGuyOut #FeelTheBern #Vote #VoteLocal #CantWaitForYallToHearTheOldGuyOut #ACitizenAndASenatorTalking #DropsTomorrow watch and make an informed decision. ✌?️

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#ACitizenAndASenatorTalking about Federal marijuana prohibition & how it has adversely affected communities of color poor and working-class people. Check out the full convo tomorrow!!!! #SWAGShop #FeelTheBern #CantWaitForYallToHearTheOldGuyOut #DropsTomorrow #VoteLocal #Vote #POTUS

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More from my Convo with Senator. Sanders. We talk about #Trump too. Here is one of my rushed and hurried thoughts but u get the point. #ItsAConvoNotInterview #AintGottaBePerfectThankTheLawd lol #TheSWAGShop #TheSWAGShopOnEdgewood was the place we chopped it up. Y'all watch the full convo tomorrow.

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#ItsAConvoNotInterview and in our convo we talked about Guns & Gucci Man #FreeGuwap #WeTalkGUNS #WeDisagreedALilButAgreedOnLots #ACitizenAndASenatorTalking #FeelTheBern #SWAGShop #TheSWAGShopOnEdgewood oh yeah Happy Belated 420 u stoners #YesIKnowGucci

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More from a needed conversation with Sen. Bernie Sanders. I must say the Man was on Fire? #PunIntended #HeWasFrankHeWasSincere #HeWasWhatIFeelGoodCitizenCanBe #AManWithConscience #HeSaysWeMoreThanTheWordi #GreatConVo #GladWeDidThis Full Vid Plays tomorrow!!!!

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Later today check out Sen. Sanders & my self conversing! #FeelTheBern #ACitizenAndASenatorTalking #TheSWAGShopOnEdgewood

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