Killer Mike Teaming With The Dalai Lama To Help Save All Human Beings 

Dalai Lama and Killer Mike

The rapper is one of 12 activists who are turning to the Dalai Lama for advice in these turbulent times. 

Rapper Killer Mike is linking up with the Dalai Lama to seek guidance for humanity from the spiritual leader. 

Killer Mike and 10 other influencers will take part in a one-hour event, which aims to deliver action items that human beings can act upon to make the world a better place. 

The online event is being organized by the Canadian-based ONE Better World Collective, which spans 7 continents and 50 nations, with a goal to reach 1 billion before 2030.

The Grammy-award-winning rapper, businessman, and activist will be joined by two other critically acclaimed rappers.

Former Sudanese child soldier turned peace activists/rapper Emmanuel Jal will also kick it with the Dalai Lama, as will award-winning Canadian recording artist, actor, peace activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.

To watch the one-of-a-kind event All you have to do is log onto the Dalai Lama’s social media accounts on Sunday, April 11th, 2021, at 10:30 PM EST.

Check out the full list of participants below:

Buffy Sainte-Marie 

Indigenous singer-songwriter, Oscar-winning composer, actress, author, social activist; she penned Universal Soldier, the definitive anti-war anthem of our times, and the famed Up Where We Belong. 

Béatrice Martin, aka Coeur de pirate

Award-winning singer-songwriter, pianist, and advocate for LGBTQ persons. 

Stephanie Benedetto 

Corporate attorney, co-founder of Queen of Raw, bringing sustainability to the textile industry. 

Susan Rockefeller 

Conservationist, filmmaker, artist, and editor-in-chief of Musings magazine. 

Mozhdah Jamalzadah 

Afghan-Canadian singer, women’s rights advocate, called ‘The Oprah of Afghanistan’. 

Massey Whiteknife 

Indigenous two-spirited entrepreneur, entertainer, featured in a hit reality tv show. 

Vivienne Harr 

Founder of Make a Stand to combat child slavery and teen CEO of the Laudato Tree Project. 

Clover Hogan 

Climate activist, eco-anxiety researcher, founder of Force of Nature, and popular podcast host. 

Raheen Fatima 

13-year-old children’s rights advocate, comedian, speaker.