Kim Kardashian Addresses Israel-Palestine Conflict Following Hamas Attack

Kim Kardashian

The lawyer and businesswoman reminded people she has been talking about the Armenian Genocide for years.

One of the most powerful names in Hollywood has spoken out on the lives lost in the horrific Hamas attack on Israel and retaliatory campaign on Palestinians that followed. Kim Kardashian, who’s of Armenian descent, condemned the violence but directed her followers’ attention to the multiple communities impacted by the bombings and shootings.

“A message to my Jewish friends and family,” Kardashian began in her Instagram post. “I love you. I support you. I have heard about how scared you feel during this time and I want you to know you are not alone in this.

“My heart is broken seeing the videos of these babies and families being terrorized and murdered in front of the whole world. As human beings with a heart, how can anyone not be devastated by these horrific images that we will never be able to unsee? Brutal terrorism has taken innocent lives and now both Israeli and Palestinian civilians are suffering and paying the greatest price there is.”

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Kardashian seized the moment, where so much attention is on the complicated struggles of the Middle East.

Kardashian said as an Armenian, she’s “particularly sensitive to these issues” because she’s been trying to spread awareness about the Armenian Genocide for years and addressing the ethnic cleansing her people have been experiencing in Artsakh.

 “No matter who’s side you are on, or how you have been triggered by the horrors of these past few days, our hearts should always have room for compassion towards innocent victims caught in the cross hairs of warring over power, politics, religion, race and ethnicity,” she said.

As previously reported, Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday (October 7), sparking international condemnation and reproach for their action.

Sources now report that more than 1,200 lives, including at least 25 Americans, have died as a result of the attack, while more than 2,800 people have been wounded.

Reports also state that more people have been killed in Israel’s retaliatory strikes: 1,417 people have died, with almost a third of them being children (447) and more than 6,200 people have been injured.

“They (all of the people in the area) are in this moment also suffering from an extreme humanitarian crisis,” Kardashian added.