Kim Kardashian Wants To Start Law Firm For Death Row Inmates

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Kim Kardashian wants to expand beyond reality TV, and hopes to start her own law firm to help death row inmates one day! Read more!

Kim Kardashian has set her sights on setting up her own law firm.

During the latest episode of Hulu show “The Kardashians,” the reality TV star is seen meeting with Scott Budnick, founder of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), to discuss how she can “make a difference” when it comes to prison reform in the U.S.

“I think it would be cool to start a firm that does just justice reform and hires formerly incarcerated people to run it and work there,” she said, noting that she would be interested in helping fund cases and investigators. “I really invest in the people I work with, especially on death row cases.”

Kim went on to reflect on the case of Brandon Bernard, who was sentenced to death for the murders of Todd and Stacie Bagley in 1999 and remained on death row until his execution in December 2020.

The 41-year-old, who passed the “baby bar” law exam on her fourth attempt last December, described how she got to know Brandon “pretty well” in his last few days and was his “last call.”

“He was executed, we weren’t able to stop it, but this is why I do what I do because the system is so broken. I think my goal is just sharing the process so that people can see what our system is really like, and how inhumane the death penalty really is,” she stated.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kim was depicted utilizing her celebrity connections, including the likes of Amy Schumer, Snoop Dogg, and James Corden, to call attention to the case of former death row inmate Julius Jones.

Eventually, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt commuted Jones’ sentence to life imprisonment without parole just four hours before his scheduled execution in November.

Reflecting on her legal work during a further chat with Scott, Kim said her late attorney father Robert Kardashian would be proud of her commitment.

“He would get a kick out of it. He would be like, ‘You’re insane,’ because he used to tell me, ‘You don’t want to do this.’ He said to me, ‘You’re so vain, you are not going to want to be an attorney and you’ll have so many f**king wrinkles because the stress and you’ll stay up all night,” the mother-of-four smiled.