Kim Kardashian Meets Pelican Bay Solitary Confinement Inmates  

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was accompanied on the Pelican Bay visit by actor Tobey Maguire and movie producer/prison reform advocate Scott Budnick.

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Kim Kardashian is continuing her mission to be an advocate for prison reform. 

According to TMZ, the SKIMS founder spent the day at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison last week. A source confirmed to the outlet Kim Kardashian intended to meet inmates in solitary confinement to discuss how the lockup affects their mental health.  

Actor Tobey Maguire and movie producer Scott Budnick joined Kim on the trip. The trio was also said to have a camera crew with them, reportedly to film a documentary.  

While he may be best known for executive producing “The Hangover” film franchise, Budnick also shares a passion for criminal justice reform with Kim Kardashian. He is the founder of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), a non-profit organization providing support for the formerly incarcerated.  

Kim Kardashian Wants To “Make A Difference”

He featured in a May 2022 episode of “The Kardashians,” meeting with Kim to discuss how she can “make a difference” concerning prison reform in the U.S. 

“I think it would be cool to start a firm that does just justice reform and hires formerly incarcerated people to run it and work there,” she said. “I really invest in the people I work with, especially on death row cases.” 

She added, “The system is so broken. I think my goal is just sharing the process so that people can see what our system is really like, and how inhumane the death penalty really is.” 

Kim Kardashian has been a vocal advocate for prison reform, campaigning for the release of many inmates. In 2018 she successfully lobbied President Donald Trump to pardon Alice Marie Johnson. The 63-year-old grandmother was serving a life sentence without parole for a non-violent drug offense. 

She also helped secure clemency for Cyntoia Brown, charged with murdering a man when she was a 16-year-old prostitute. She was released in Aug. 2019 after serving 13 years in prison.