Men Involved In Kim Kardashian Robbery In Paris Heading To Trial

Kim Kardashian

The 11 men who participated in the shocking robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris are about to have their day in court!

The French government has identified twelve individuals in the October 2016 robbery of Kim Kardashian.

During her marriage to Kanye West, the reality star was targeted in a $10 million jewelry heist. According to Page Six, the investigation, which lasted five years, will finally be sent to trial.

While no trial date has been set, the authorities have a “range of charges” connected to the robbery that terrorized the billionaire.

Kim Kardashian shared that the people who robbed her of her jewels, including a large diamond ring given to her by Ye, burst into her Parisian apartment.

The robbers, who gained access to Kim’s hotel by posing as police officers, tied her up at gunpoint, gagged her, and placed her in a bathtub. 

The suspects were eventually rounded up, arrested, and jailed. However, some were released (pending trial) for health concerns.

One of those men was Yunice Abbas, the man so bold about his part in this heist that he wrote and published a book about it in 2020.

Abbas allegedly worked with five other men to plan the robbery of Kim Kardashian during Fashion Week.

Aomar Ait Khedache, the man some say was the principal strategist who devised the get-rich-quick plan, sent Kardashian an apology letter from behind bars.

In French, he wrote, “After observing your emotion and realizing the psychological damages I inflicted … I decided to write to you, not to obtain from you some sort of indulgence.”

He continued, “Know that I fully sympathize with the pain you are enduring, your children, your husband, and your close ones. I hope that this letter will allow you to forget little by little the trauma that you suffered by my fault.”